Swimming 101: An Introduction

Swimming 101: An Introduction

Swimming is not only an essential survival skill, but it is truly one of the best possible forms of physical activity!  If you want a workout, get in the pool.  It uses all of the main muscle groups, and much like running, swimming is a great cardiovascular activity, and develops co-ordination, and balance.  On its own, or part of a multi-sport approach, swimming is a great way to get fit!

Swimming could easily be compared to Track and Field, in that it is both an individual and team sport.  Swimmers compete individually, but also earn points towards their team totals.  Relays also offer swimmers the chance to compete as a team.  Finally, practices are very much team oriented around challenge sets, games, and relays.  Swim meets are a great chance for swimmers to travel and bond as a team.  In addition, there are numerous regional, provincial, and national level meets that swimmers may be selected for, like the Manitoba Games that are held every four years.

Swimming teaches the values of discipline, hard work, perseverance, commitment, respect, and teamwork.

Below is a link to the TPRR Information Booklet that has important information related to the swim club, programming, policies,




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