Swim Meet Info


MM Sprint Distance Invitational

Saturday April 18 

****deadline to register Sunday  April 5 *****

Pan Am Pool, Training Tank, (25 Poseidon Bay, Winnipeg)

MM Sprint Distance Invitational

This meet is for any and all swimmers.  THERE IS NO SEPARATER 12 & UNDER LEAGUE EVENTS.  This is kind of nice as all swimmers will be swimming in the same session.  As the first session is all sprint events, it is suitable for any and all swimmers to attend with the bare minimum being that swimmers must be comfortable diving.  This meet will be swum long course, i.e. in a 50m pool.





April 18

W/U 8:30

Start: 9:15


Nov. 30

W/U: 1:00


50 Back

50 Fly

50 Breast

50 Free

800 free

1500 free



  • Maximum of 3 events for session 1 and 1 event for sessioni 2
  • $6.00SNM Fee + $11.00/event



  • Stroke 50’s – $10/event
  • Distance Events – $15
  • Additional $2 paperless meet program surcharge


Entry Fees: 

Meet Fees payable prior to the meet either by cheque in the TPRR Mail box at the pool, or by e-transfer to thepasroadrunners@gmail.com  (do not give any money to coaches)



  • After the sign-up deadline has passed, coaches will discuss event selection with their swimmers the week back after Spring Break (where appropriate)
  • Team wear (or colours) is MANDATORY while on deck.
  • Swimmers should be on deck 15mns prior to warm-up.
  • Swimmers should remain on deck during the meet, preparing for their races, cheering on teammates.
  • Swimmers should make sure they see coaches prior to their race, and after their race for briefings.
  • FEES PAYABLE WILL BE SENT OUT AFTER ENTRIES ARE COMPLETE AND ARE PAYABLE EITHER BY DEPOSITING IN TPRR MAIL BOX AT THE POOL OR BY E-TRANSFER TO thepasroadrunners@gmail.com prior to the meet. **when you drop off a cheque or e-transfer, please also send an email to Alan Gibb at alan_gibb@yahoo.com and make clear which swimmer the entry fee is for and the password.
  • Resources on wordpress.com include meet tips, meet packing list, meet policy, nutrition resources, etc.
  • Coaches on deck will be Nick (and possibly an additional coach)
  • Parents, there is limited seating at the training tank, SJS and City of Winnipeg nots: “please be courteous and allow family and friends of swimmers in the current heat access to the rail.  chairs of any sort are not permitted at the railing on the upper deck
  • Parents are not allowed on deck


DEADLINE TO REGISTER:  Sunday April 5  by email to nick.top@gmail.com or by writing name on the whiteboard at the Winton Pool


As always call, text, or email should you have any questions.  Should you have any issues on the day of the meet, please text or call   Coach Nick 204-620-0392

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