Resources and Links

swim-meet-packing-list –  swim meet packing list

meet-preparation-guide    meet-preparation-guide



LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR SWIMMING:      – Swimming LTAD Guide  – overview of LTAD, guide for parents  – A brief, but instructive article about what sport specialization is, and the dangers associated therein.   –   GREAT LIST OF RESOURCES FOR COACHES/PARENTS/SWIMMERS

                        STROKE TECHNIQUE

Excellent link to all stroke technique from Masters Swim Canada:



–   (10 elements to a perfect freestyle stroke, be sure to also click on all the suggested links.)        (Great site with lots of information/videos on technique and drills)

Race Strategy  (How to dig deep and maintain stroke)


Recovery and Regeneration – both nutrition and recovery info     –       Swim Manitoba Concussion Protocol

Sport Nutrition -competition nutrition  tip sheet for sport nutrition  – daily sport nutrition tips for parents of atheltes – both nutrition and recovery info

Mental Health for Athletes

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