Competition and Practice Policy

TPRR Code of Conduct_Sept 15docx



The Code of Conduct applies to every individual associated with The Pas Roadrunners Swim Club (hereinafter referred to as the “Swim Club”), in the course of all Swim Club activity, including every swimmer, coach, parent/guardian, family member, official and volunteer (all of whom are hereinafter referred to as the “member”).


Each Swim Club member shall:

  • Act in a manner that brings credit to the Swim Club.
  • Demonstrate courtesy, respect, good sportsmanship and co-operation with athletes, coaches, officials, chaperones, volunteers and members of the public.
  • Demonstrate respect for public and private property, including pool decks, change rooms, viewing stands, vehicles of transportation, lodging and other facilities used or accessed while participating as a Swim Club member.
  • Uphold Swim Club rules, policies, practices and protocols as they may be amended from time to time, which can be found posted on the Swim Club website:
  • Obey applicable laws.

No swimmer shall take part in the following activity or behaviour while engaged in a Swim Club activity:

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages or tobacco.
  • Bullying or harassment of any type and through any media.
  • Sexual fraternization.


Breach of the Code of Conduct may result in discipline up to and including dismissal from the Swim Club.

Consent and Agreement of Parent/Guardian

As a partner in my child(ren)’s experience with the Swim Club, I have read and agree to comply with and be bound by the Swim Club Code of Conduct, and to support my child(ren)’s efforts to uphold the Swim Club Code of Conduct. I understand my responsibilities as a parent/guardian/volunteer to work with my child(ren) and the Swim Club to ensure a positive and respectful experience.



Each Swim Club member shall:

  • Attend practices as much as possible (improvement comes with practice).
  • Be prepared. Goggles and swim caps for swimmers with long hair are (2 suits, 2 goggles, towels, water bottle).
  • Wear appropriate training swimwear. One piece suits for girls and swim jammers or briefs for boys (i.e. no bikinis or board shorts).
  • Be on time (even better to be early and stretch) and get in the water on time.
  • Pay attention to your coaches (look and listen).
  • Pay attention to what you’re doing (do the right set, drill, pacing, technique and turns).
  • Respect your coach and team mates.
  • Follow all Pool Rules (no spitting, no pushing/shoving, no roughhousing, no swearing, no vandalism, etc.)
  • Try YOUR Best!


Each Swim Club member shall:

  • Be prepared (race suit, back-up suit, towels, 2 pairs of goggles, caps, TPRR gear, water bottle, food)
  • Wear appropriate swimwear, which includes one piece suits for girls and swim jammers or briefs for boys.
  • A TPRR swim cap and goggles are mandatory.
  • Be on time for warm-up, better yet, be early.
  • Be sure to do the proper warm-up, practice turns, and dives/sprints
  • Stay on deck and cheer on your team mates.
  • Wear TPRR gear or colors, including team swim cap.
  • Drink lots of liquids, water is best, sports drinks are also good.
  • Be sure to eat right, don’t forget your breakfast, and snack throughout the session (granola or energy bar is especially a good idea after a tough race).
  • Report to your coach at beginning of meet, after warm-up, before and after each race. Know your swims and be ready to go to marshalling.
  • Listen to your coach for Race Tips.
  • Show respect to coaches, team mates, competitors, and officials
  • Follow all warm-up rules, i.e. No Diving, No Roughhousing


Minor: 1 or 2 warnings, time out, kicked out, (for repeat offenders, further actions will be taken, including suspension for a determined amount of time).

Major: Kicked out, 2nd time will be suspended until next meet, 3rd time suspension until the end of year.

Immediate disciplinary responsibility lies with the acting coach, further consequences will be jointly decided upon by the acting and the head coach, and if necessary, the Board.  Breach of the Code of Conduct may result in discipline up to and including dismissal from the Swim Club.

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